As all the dog owners would have known by now dogs really love treats, and it is a proven fact that to train a dog with treats is much easier than training a dog without any, the quick learning ability of a dog is the reason why the dog treats are used even by the military personals to train the dog quickly and make it a very efficient. Treating a dog is one of the things that the dog looks forward to every time it learns something new , hence make use of this time in making the dog much more healthier, and it is not advisable to give him/her the leftovers from the table instead make use of the dog treats that are made especially for the dogs which are good for their teeth and their overall health.

Here is a brief overview of how to give better treats to your dog.

Take the right pick of the treat.

Before buying a treat make sure that you are doing your research in order to get the best treat that well suits your dog and also try out a few treats on him and see the one he prefers the most then buy the treat if not followed this is result in the dog not getting trained properly as he hates the treat. Also, make sure that the treatment is not upsetting his tummy as the way in which the dog was brought up also affects what affects his tummy and does not affect is tummy.

Treats with benefits.

This is the second important thing that you will have to look into in order the dog is not just satisfied but also that his health is not affected by these treats in a negative way. Thus make sure that you are giving the treats which have health benefits.

Veggies the perfect doggie treats.

Feeding the dog with low calories and high fiber content is one of the best treats that you can give a dog as it aides in its excessive physical activity, but this does not mean that you give the dogs straight from the table this will be very toxic and dangerous to their health and no chocolates, grapes or raisins this food will be very toxic to them  , thus provide them with fresh vegetables with will be really good for their them.

Don’t over treat.

This is one mistake then we tend to make while we are treating the dog we overfeed them and thy rather than becoming   healthier they will grow to be very obese this can prove to be very dangerous to your dog hence make sure that you are calculating the number of calories that you are giving your dog through treats and then reduce it in its daily diet in this way you will never have overfed the dog .

It is always good that you do your research before getting any pet treats to any of your pets.

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