Recirculation Pump

In a new step towards its positioning in the marine aquarium, perhaps predecessor of the future Skimmer of EHEIM, the German firm will soon bring to the market its recirculation pumps.

Two different models, the photo above, the EHEIMStreamON with suction cup suction and in three different performances, 1800, 3000 and 3800 liters for aquariums up to 350 liters and those of the photos below. The EHEIM StreamON + will be held magnetically and whose three versions will improve the performance of the first group up to 5000 liters hour.

Laterally adjustable and in principle they do not appear to be electronically controlled.

We know nothing of the prices they will reach the final consumer, but we expect them to be relatively cheap, taking into account the quality standards of our sponsor.

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