Vida Marina

Our sponsors and friends of Vida Marina have just made public their expansion to the South, installing their second retail facilities, together with their good know-how and excellent quality in fish and corals in the town of the province of Cadiz La line of the Conception .

Within the plan of Expasión de Vida Marina , a merit in the current times, has begun by a shop already in operation and with its established market share, Aquatic Line , which may be the first of others that in the future accompany the form of aquarium making of Marine Life in the Iberian peninsula.

As they comment on their Facebook , it is a branch of the plant located in Madrid, so that the same articles and qualities will now be more accessible to fans in the area.

Undoubtedly great news for Andalusian lovers ( and Gibraltarians ) to marine aquariums. From our pages we wish you the best of luck.

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