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What Types of Fish is the Healthiest for You?


If you’re into the topic of health and everything you are allowed to and not allowed to eat, to be able to maintain a healthy, balanced diet, then you’ve probably heard about the marvellous benefits of consuming fish.
Fish is best known as a type of white meat, which is extremely lean and high in protein, as well as Omega fatty acids and all of the good minerals you can think of.

Fish should generally be consumed twice a week, to be able to maintain a healthy diet, because it provides you with the utmost essential nutrients and keeps you healthy inside out.

If you know the ocean, of course, there is an unlimited amount of fish to choose from, so how do you go about choosing the good, instead of the bad.

Yes, fish can be bad for you, certain types only anyway, and it is because some fish contains extremely high levels of mercury, which could cause humans to become very ill and perhaps even result in death.
When seafood is fished, it is done in such a way, to also allow for the sustainability of the environment, as well as our diets and what we’re allowed to eat.

3 Types of Fish that are Good for You

Freshwater Salmon

Salmon is popularly known as one of the very best choices of protein in a healthy diet. It is also a bit more on the expensive side, but there are many reasons as to why this is.

Freshwater salmon, which is the best choice, are generally farmed salmon.

When choosing your supplier, it is essential to make sure that they farm the salmon in such a way that is safe and most importantly, in closed freshwater pens, rather than a lot of fish put together in a pen.

water salmon

When salmon are placed in a single pen, which is overcrowded and doesn’t allow them to move much on their own, they get sick and even pass their disease on to other fish, which could make people extremely sick.
To be able to harvest 1 pound of salmon, it also takes 3 pounds of salmon to do so, which is why they are so expensive.

Wild Salmon

It has been said that wild salmon is a far better option than freshwater salmon because freshwater salmon is farmed in such a way that is harmful to the fish, as well as for consumption.
Wild salmon has up to 1,200 mg of omega-3’s per every 3-ounce of catch and are more nutrient dense than freshwater salmon.

One can distinguish the two by looking at their size, as well as colour and pattern. Wild salmon tends to be deeper pink and have a much thicker cut, as well as pattern. It is also a lot more expensive than freshwater salmon.


Although very small in size, the sardine is one of the most nutrient-dense fish and packs up to 2,000 mg of omega-3’s, which is more than salmon and tuna. It also has more nutrients than nearly any other type of fish. Other then that, it’s very high in Vitamin D, which is rare for a protein.
These tiny fish are also very easy and fast to produce and are found canned, in nearly all food retail stores, anywhere, as an inexpensive choice of goodness.

World’s Largest Fish Under Threat of Extinction

world largest fish

The World Wide Fund for Nature recently claimed that the construction of a dam in Northern Lao would disrupt the migration of four of the top 10 largest fish species in the world. They said in their report that, Giant Fish of the Mekong (Catfish that grow up to 350 kgs) and freshwater stingray that can weigh 600 kgs, would be threatened with extinction if the plans go ahead.

It is being said that, around 11 dams are being built in Loas, Thailand, and Cambodia. China has already completed four hydro power on the Mekong. The Mekong is the twelfth longest river in the world, the seventh longest in Asia, and the longest in South-East Asia. According to WWF, the giant Catfish mentioned earlier will not be able to swim across a large barrier like a dam to reach its spawning grounds.


The river is also home to many unique fishes, majorly, the stingray. The world’s biggest freshwater fish. It is said to be a barb and dog-eating fish, so-called because of its interest in dog carcasses.



The dam that is currently being built there is named the Sambor Dam and it is said to generate large power benefits to Cambodia, but at the cost of the destruction of the Mekong fishery. Many claim that the dam would block the fish migration from the Tonle Sap lake in Cambodia. And, it is said to be crucial for reproduction and replenishing, so claimed by many scientists.


The Irrawaddy dolphins, a really endangered species, are found in the Mekong river. They also have high chances of getting wiped out because the deep river pools they use as a refuge during the dry seasons would become filled with sediment blocked by the dam.


However, the plans for the new dam are currently under conflict by the Mekong River Commission. It is an international body made up of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

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