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A fish finder is one of the most incredible tools which can take your sport to a whole different level. It is one of the best fish finder GPS combos that will help you navigate the body of water and also allow you to locate the fish in a specific location. It is important that you have the right tools which will help you locate the fishing pools allowing you to have the best catch. If you are looking for one, we have a list to help ease you in your efforts.


Lowrance HOOK2 5 Fishfinder

Lowrance HOOK2 is by far the most tech-savvy options that will help you to find the best fish finder GPS combo, which has a full mobile device that is synchronised for people who like their tablets and smartphones. Lowrance has proven to be a very reliable source for the sonar equipment which has a saltwater oriented fish finders with big boats. This tool has a CHIRP enhanced DownVision sonar with a high-resolution display which can be quite affordable, especially with high-end fish finders one the market.


Harming Striker

According to fishermenspond.com, this is another fishfinder with GPS that any person would love to acquire as it meets all the requirements of a fish but with a tight budget. The device is equipped with excellent technology which does not have one spend over the board. The device can make it easier for you to have the right fishing options. It is easy to remember the spots, which makes it easy to catch. Also, it has a mark location feature which will allow you to mark a certain location in the maps to revisit the space. It also has the capacity to produce a sonar image of the history that can guide you and retrace your steps for any future use.


Hummingbird HELIX 5 Fish Finder

The new hummingbird HELIX 5 is one of the best fish finders with GPS, which is considered with a complete set of auxiliary parts which is a very real value for the money. The humming fish finder employs, which is a high precision for navigational and fish spotting technology to help ensure that you spend the time in the water, which can be a promising catch. The hummingbird finder comes from high-class electronic equipment. The fishfinder GPS combo is the best for people who love to have a traditional method of hooking a worm and dipping it in, and this is a tool which is best made for you. You can easily employ this tool in any fishing expedition and make it easier for you to win a bountiful catch every day.

Top Snorkeling Spots Around the World

Snorkeling is a great change of pace from the more strenuous, and sometimes dangerous activities such as scuba diving. With only the use of some snorkel gear, snorkel, and a possibly a wetsuit depending on the weather, snorkeling offers the chance to get up close and personal with some of natures most beautiful creatures.

But, where are the top spots around the world? While there are lots of amazing places to snorkel throughout the world, there are only a few spots that can truly be called the best. So, in today’s post we’re going to show you the top snorkeling spots to check out if you want to see some unforgettable sights. Without further ado, here are some spots from around the world that are considered top-notch snorkeling destinations:

The Hawaiian Islands

First up on the list are the Hawaiian islands. Enthusiastic snorkelers can enjoy the ultimate snorkeling experience at Kealakekua Bay in the Hawaiian Islands. The water of the bay is usually warm, calm, and friendly, for ultimate snorkeling fun. Snorkelers can observe different types of fish in the pristine waters known for their excellent visibility, passing through corals and underwater lava caves. For the ultimate experience, we suggesting booking one of the Maui snorkel tours from Live Your Aloha. When swimming underwater, you can also meet eels, turtles, and dolphins.

Cebu City, Philippines

Sumilon Island in Oslob, Cebu, offers a rewarding snorkeling experience thanks to its affordable snorkeling trips. In addition to snorkeling, the resort also offers other exciting activities such as kayaking, pedal boating and nature walks. If you are looking for a full outdoor adventure destination, Malapascua Island is an amazing place to discover the best-preserved biodiversity and marine protected area in the country.

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

For serious divers and snorkelers, this is a place that should not be missed. High-speed catamarans with a restaurant and dive shop on board provide all the travel necessities – so you do not have to worry about anything other than exploring the crystal clear waters. The boat service also offers underwater observatories as an observation point for colorful reefs and fish.

Fiji Islands

This popular tourist destination is home to one of the best preserved marine habitats in the world. The Lighthouse Reef near Vanua Levu Island offers opportunities for shallow and deep snorkeling. The resorts even organize night snorkeling activities that allow snorkelers to see the underwater world in a whole new light. With world-class resorts that blend in with Fiji’s traditional culture, snorkeling in Fiji is an immense tropical island experience.

Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands have much more to offer than just giant tortoises and scientific theories! What about the romance of watching the sunset from your Galapagos cruise balcony? Starry nights and stars at the bow of a luxurious Galapagos ship? Adventurous kayaking for two in ancient pirate bays?

Spend a few days in the natural pools of Papallacta in the middle of the Andes or take a romantic carriage ride in the charming colonial center of Quito. For such a trivial land, Ecuador hosts a delightfully diverse bionetwork that arrays from snow-covered volcanoes to sandy beaches.

Last note
Snorkeling destinations are everywhere in the world, but there’s only a few places where the water is calm and rich in marine life, such as the Caribbean, the Hawaiian Islands, and the Galapagos Islands. Snorkeling at night is even more popular, as several nocturnal marine animals can be observed. A bright underwater torch is used for nocturnal snorkeling, with a chemical light tied around the diver’s waist to warn the boats. So, if you find yourself looking for the next snorkeling destination, choose one of these sights and you won’t be disappointed.

How to find a dog treat?

As all the dog owners would have known by now dogs really love treats, and it is a proven fact that to train a dog with treats is much easier than training a dog without any, the quick learning ability of a dog is the reason why the dog treats are used even by the military personals to train the dog quickly and make it a very efficient. Treating a dog is one of the things that the dog looks forward to every time it learns something new , hence make use of this time in making the dog much more healthier, and it is not advisable to give him/her the leftovers from the table instead make use of the dog treats that are made especially for the dogs which are good for their teeth and their overall health.

Here is a brief overview of how to give better treats to your dog.

Take the right pick of the treat.

Before buying a treat make sure that you are doing your research in order to get the best treat that well suits your dog and also try out a few treats on him and see the one he prefers the most then buy the treat if not followed this is result in the dog not getting trained properly as he hates the treat. Also, make sure that the treatment is not upsetting his tummy as the way in which the dog was brought up also affects what affects his tummy and does not affect is tummy.

Treats with benefits.

This is the second important thing that you will have to look into in order the dog is not just satisfied but also that his health is not affected by these treats in a negative way. Thus make sure that you are giving the treats which have health benefits.

Veggies the perfect doggie treats.

Feeding the dog with low calories and high fiber content is one of the best treats that you can give a dog as it aides in its excessive physical activity, but this does not mean that you give the dogs straight from the table this will be very toxic and dangerous to their health and no chocolates, grapes or raisins this food will be very toxic to them  , thus provide them with fresh vegetables with will be really good for their them.

Don’t over treat.

This is one mistake then we tend to make while we are treating the dog we overfeed them and thy rather than becoming   healthier they will grow to be very obese this can prove to be very dangerous to your dog hence make sure that you are calculating the number of calories that you are giving your dog through treats and then reduce it in its daily diet in this way you will never have overfed the dog .

It is always good that you do your research before getting any pet treats to any of your pets.

What Types of Fish is the Healthiest for You?


If you’re into the topic of health and everything you are allowed to and not allowed to eat, to be able to maintain a healthy, balanced diet, then you’ve probably heard about the marvellous benefits of consuming fish.
Fish is best known as a type of white meat, which is extremely lean and high in protein, as well as Omega fatty acids and all of the good minerals you can think of.

Fish should generally be consumed twice a week, to be able to maintain a healthy diet, because it provides you with the utmost essential nutrients and keeps you healthy inside out.

If you know the ocean, of course, there is an unlimited amount of fish to choose from, so how do you go about choosing the good, instead of the bad.

Yes, fish can be bad for you, certain types only anyway, and it is because some fish contains extremely high levels of mercury, which could cause humans to become very ill and perhaps even result in death.
When seafood is fished, it is done in such a way, to also allow for the sustainability of the environment, as well as our diets and what we’re allowed to eat.

3 Types of Fish that are Good for You

Freshwater Salmon

Salmon is popularly known as one of the very best choices of protein in a healthy diet. It is also a bit more on the expensive side, but there are many reasons as to why this is.

Freshwater salmon, which is the best choice, are generally farmed salmon.

When choosing your supplier, it is essential to make sure that they farm the salmon in such a way that is safe and most importantly, in closed freshwater pens, rather than a lot of fish put together in a pen.

water salmon

When salmon are placed in a single pen, which is overcrowded and doesn’t allow them to move much on their own, they get sick and even pass their disease on to other fish, which could make people extremely sick.
To be able to harvest 1 pound of salmon, it also takes 3 pounds of salmon to do so, which is why they are so expensive.

Wild Salmon

It has been said that wild salmon is a far better option than freshwater salmon because freshwater salmon is farmed in such a way that is harmful to the fish, as well as for consumption.
Wild salmon has up to 1,200 mg of omega-3’s per every 3-ounce of catch and are more nutrient dense than freshwater salmon.

One can distinguish the two by looking at their size, as well as colour and pattern. Wild salmon tends to be deeper pink and have a much thicker cut, as well as pattern. It is also a lot more expensive than freshwater salmon.


Although very small in size, the sardine is one of the most nutrient-dense fish and packs up to 2,000 mg of omega-3’s, which is more than salmon and tuna. It also has more nutrients than nearly any other type of fish. Other then that, it’s very high in Vitamin D, which is rare for a protein.
These tiny fish are also very easy and fast to produce and are found canned, in nearly all food retail stores, anywhere, as an inexpensive choice of goodness.

World’s Largest Fish Under Threat of Extinction

world largest fish

The World Wide Fund for Nature recently claimed that the construction of a dam in Northern Lao would disrupt the migration of four of the top 10 largest fish species in the world. They said in their report that, Giant Fish of the Mekong (Catfish that grow up to 350 kgs) and freshwater stingray that can weigh 600 kgs, would be threatened with extinction if the plans go ahead.

It is being said that, around 11 dams are being built in Loas, Thailand, and Cambodia. China has already completed four hydro power on the Mekong. The Mekong is the twelfth longest river in the world, the seventh longest in Asia, and the longest in South-East Asia. According to WWF, the giant Catfish mentioned earlier will not be able to swim across a large barrier like a dam to reach its spawning grounds.


The river is also home to many unique fishes, majorly, the stingray. The world’s biggest freshwater fish. It is said to be a barb and dog-eating fish, so-called because of its interest in dog carcasses.



The dam that is currently being built there is named the Sambor Dam and it is said to generate large power benefits to Cambodia, but at the cost of the destruction of the Mekong fishery. Many claim that the dam would block the fish migration from the Tonle Sap lake in Cambodia. And, it is said to be crucial for reproduction and replenishing, so claimed by many scientists.


The Irrawaddy dolphins, a really endangered species, are found in the Mekong river. They also have high chances of getting wiped out because the deep river pools they use as a refuge during the dry seasons would become filled with sediment blocked by the dam.


However, the plans for the new dam are currently under conflict by the Mekong River Commission. It is an international body made up of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

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